27 Mar 2015

Silk oil of morocco Part 1,

 Silk’s Fibre Brow Enhancer

Silk oil of morocco 
Part 1.

Silk Latte – (Light)

Hi Ladies, welcome to part 1 for my new review on this great products iv used this product for the past week and i can im totally loving it and would highly recommended to anyone looking at trying a fiber brow enhancer. This product comes in 5 different shades so perfect for any skin colour or if you prefer to have a darker colour 


The fiber brow acts as an instant brush on brow extension it helps feel in spaces in you brows to give them the look of being fuller and thicker with applying to match product with looking to thick and not natural. The Fibers are very small and coat the eye brow very will and give them the look of looking thicker and longer. 

The only thing i can fault with the products is the applicator wand its really gets alot of product on it so you have remove some of the product or use a different brush or you can get a little bit of full out, witch is nothing in my book i Totally love this product and will keep using it and giving it amazing reviews. 

How to apply: here
To achieve the ultimate brow shape use the following guide:
Position 1 – Where the brow should start.
Position 2 – Should line up from the tip of the nose diagonally passing through the center of the eye to mark the perfect arch position. From this position the brow naturally starts to thin moving towards Position 3.
Position 3 – Should line up from the end of the nose passing diagonally towards the end of the eye and finish at a fine point.

The Tiny fibers work in a way that they attach themselves to the natural bro lash helping it look more natural and help achieve the desire brow. If you have fine brows this is perfect to enhances the length of your lashes. 

Its available online at here
Price $ 29.95 
Thanks lovely  
Makeupjunkie xxx

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