20 Mar 2015

 First Impressions
Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-touch Foundation 

Where to being i seen i alot of people talking heaps about the new maybelline fluid touch foundations so iv decided that ill try it out and see what all the hip is all about and give yous a first impression on. 

Iv purchased mine from my local super market for $16.95 witch is ok for 20ml of product. I decided to get the shade 40 NUDE not sure these is the right colour for my skin but ill make it work for now. Its a little hard to get the right colour when you are unable to try and swatch the shade to see if it matches my skin. 

Will i must say the shade NUDE 40 is not the right colour for me its a little orange for my skin colour if i blend it in will and mix a little bit of a light shade is seems to match ok. ill probably find when im self tanned it will look more like the skin colour.
The foundation includes an SPF of 20. The directions on the bottle say 
“Shake well"


The wound is a little weird to get use to but it does make it easy to apply the the foundation on you face without it being to mess and getting all over you fingers when your using a brush to apply it. 

I found the formula of the liquid is quite runny but when applied you apply it to the skin it blends so matte but i think  on my skin it drys not to a full coverage finishes witch is ok when you are looking for more natural look. But if you apply it with a second coat it seems to cover a little more then one layer. 

When im applying with a brush it does on streaky or go cakey it just blends so even and you have an amazing finish that last quite a long time with out having to reply more foundation.
 I can def say is foundations i would purchaser again but in the perfect shade for me 

Thanks lovely  
Makeupjunkie xxx

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