20 Mar 2015

Eye of horus Review 

Welcome Back again ladies to another one of most wanted product reviews, I was sent some amazing products from Eye Of Horus for me to review I can say im glad im be reviewing these stunning products. 

They are Australian owned in Byron Bay NSW, I can say having the option to try Australian products is we;; worth the hip cause they are great products and my self only trying them for a week can say that i would buy them. 

 Here is some information about Eye of Horus 
Illuminating essential range of eye makeup based on formulas of the Ancient Egyptians, the originators of beauty and mystique, with sacred ingredients including Organic Moringa Oil “Oil of the Pharaohs”, claimed by the gods for its beautifying and regenerating powers and the ancient oil of Castor Oil.

They have wide rang of different products available on there website witch includes
- Mascara
- Pencils
- Eyebrows
- Eyeliners
- Accessories

All Products have a wide range of shades to there is some think for everyone. They have some amazing shades on eyeliners that will make your month drop and they pigmentation is so bright and creamy


Eye Liner Pencils 
They have 10 Shades of eyeliner pencils witch are so creamy and soft witch makes it so easy to apply on the top and bottom waterline with scratching the eye . All shades are some of the prettiest shades iv seen on the market in Australia. 
All Eyeliners are $30 each Click here 

The shades i have

 Its an amazing gemstone indigo blue that is so creamy and soft that glides so amazing on the eye witch makes it so easy to blend and add colour to make the perfect shade that you prefer also has a sponge tip on the bottom to make it easy to blend and soften all those dark lines. 

Loving the Mesmerize ancient Metallic Malachite gives you this stunning bright peal blue shade that really blend will in to give you this very soft hunt of baby blue with glimmer of blue pearl witch i think looks beautiful on green and dark eyes its also comes with a sponge tip on the bottom to help blend out those lines and give it a smoky finishes 

What can i say if you looking for really dark black eyeliner will all i can say is THIS IS THE ONE YOU NEED its amazing so pigmented and soft and gives you a dramatic black cat eye to look its just perfect in the water line to help give you the apprentice of brighter eyes. I find applying the teal on top with a dramatic black water line and smoke it out to soften but still have a bold dark colour, Its also have a sponge tip on bottom.. 

Lets just say that is these is one of my favorite shades im a lover for golds and copper  eyeliners and these is just AMAZING and i couldn't see these not in my life. it has gold shimmer and soft green hunt to it so it goes great with green or hazelnut eyes. I love using these  on my bottom waterline and smoking it out to soft gold it just looks so stunning on an eye look. Its also have a sponge tip on bottom making blending easy.. 


Eye Brow Pencils (Definer)

Eye of Horus have 3 amazing shades 
of  brow pencils that very working able on any shaped brows and colour. I myself have quite soft brows with not much hair on them and they colour id little darker then blonde but not as dark as medium brown so its a little hard for me to find a shad that doesn't make my eye brows look to dark and thick. I find these are perfect shades cause you can apply it alot better cause it has a smaller pencils top witch is a wind up! so its easy to use less product and you can apply it soft it heavy depending on the look you are going for. 
All pencils are $25 each Click here


The Goddess Mascara

 ladies are you looking for an amazing Mascara that has these formula that contains natural ingredients including: Egyptian Moringa Oil, Beeswax and Rice Bran Wax. Although of a thinner constancy than most mascaras, the Goddess Mascara  overly wet or prone to transferring onto the eyelids. will these is  the one for you and i have fallen in love with these product and just helps lift your lashes and give you these amazing full lashes without making them feel clumpy and heavy on the eyes. 

The mascara is only available in black and has  Moringa Oil in it help if you have sensitive eyes and cant wear alot or any mascaras its a  Natural based formula so help with a even coverage over lash and help it not smudge and go clumpy after applying 2 coats. 
It coast $34.945 each Click here


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Thanks lovely  
Makeupjunkie xxx

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