23 Mar 2015

Boe Beauty 

Shimmer | Bronzer  

All i can say i'v been looking for these PRODUCTS for the past few months every local bigW i went to looking for this products they where all broken and shaded in to a million pieces,
Bronzer: Def loving the colour its very pigmented and has a beautiful hint of gold shimmer in it to give you a soft shimmer glow when applying it you the parts of the face you want more shape to your face.

Shimmer: The shimmer is very soft quite bright and has alot of shimmer. Its perfect nether used on the high points on the cheeks or on the eye lid for an amazing shimmer eye. When swatching the product the top layer had a little but of full out on top. but when pasted the top layer its such a pretty stunning product. 

All boe Beauty products are available at any local Big W store in your local area, all of the beauty items are $2 each and there is wide range of products to pick from. witch includes 
lipsticks, blush, lip paints, lip gloss, powered foundations, bronzer, shimmer, nail polish, and so much more....

Thanks lovely  
Makeupjunkie xxx

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