8 Jan 2015

Ebay Makeup Brush Set Review 

Hi Ladies, Iv been needing new brushes for a while I found these amazing brushes on ebay for reliable price, so i purchases brushed from ebay before and they have lasted me years . I purchased a 2 differ kinds 8 Piece set & 5 Piece set they both amazing quality brushes for the price of them was very reasonable from a china. 

I know alot of people say buying of ebay is a NO NO  but i have deiced to buy them for the reason some of them work just as good or even better then high end brushes that people pay top dollar money for and not all of them are great brushed, NOT SAYING $$$$$ BRUSHES GOOD  Iv only used a few high end brand brushed and they wear amazing but very expensive for a makeup brushes.

Iv found not all Ebay brushes are amazing and work good on the face some brushes not just hard and dont have nice hair fibers on the to off brush or they hole item comes apart from handle of brush, BUT THESE ARE PRETTY AMAZING 

 #8 Piece Set  
The set comes with 8 amazing brushes with solid black handles with a matte finish to them and black and white tip brush fibers, These brushes have very soft brush fibers that make it very easy to blend in foundation and apply powders they don't scratch your face when applying to the skin i'v just give you a flawless finishes with out leaving any streak marks. 

These  are very much cheap DUPE for sigma brushes there very simpler in shape and style there also different shapes on top there is 4 different face brushed  Flat top Kabuki brushRound top kabukiTapered KabukiFlat Angled Kabuki, then i have 4 different style eye brushes all for are different style Blending brushes all are amazing and blend eyes shadows in very soft and clean.
I paid $8.95 for them all.....

#5 Piece Set 
These Ebay set came 5 similar  DUPE for sigma eye shadow brushes all 5 of these brushes are very soft and the fibers on the end are not hard and not scratch your eye when applying product, They all are Tapered Blending brushes the handles are very solid soft baby pink with gold top then bristles are small so it makes easy to apply in smaller parts if the eye with hurting your self. 

I paid $3.50 for them all 

Hope you enjoyed my blog loves!!
Lots of love

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