1 Jan 2015

Ebay 88 eyeshadow Palette review 

Hi Ladies welcome to other blog! I Purchases these amazing palette about 5 months ago from ebay its the 88 warm eye shadow palette, witch has some amazing warm tone shades from creams to blues and black, brown, grays  all shades have amazing bright pigmentation also very easy to apply on the eye. All the orange peach shades are amazing sort of link a coral shade blends will with a nice light brown in the crease,

These palette is similar to the original 88 eyeshadow palette from Coastal scents warm tone palette these has very vibrant, highly-pigmented shadows in a matte or satin finish. 

comes with
1 Black Matte Case
1 Easy Access Mirror
2 Dual-Tipped Foam Applicators
88 warm shade eye shadows 

Hope you enjoyed my blog!!
Lots of love 

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