28 Jan 2015

Blog Error Update

welcome everyone. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience over the past 2 years since i have open my blog and post some many reviews on heaps of amazing products i have hit a marge set back to my blog. i have lost all mu blogs that have been uploaded in these past 2 years iv had 56 posted and 63,000 views on all my latest product reviews. my blog is still active just lost all my other reviews. 

I,m very disappointing that i have lost all pic to my reviews that i have uploaded onto my blog. all the writing is still there just no pics im going to try get all the pics back on these post some i just don't have the pics for. its a really sad moment that i have lost all pics. 

from today ill have a few more new post up with pictures so im hoping all turns out ok and its gets sorted. Just want to thank everyone that has followed my blog and gave me all the support. 

I'm hoping its all sorted and i can get back to my blogs. please feel free to email or message me for any questions on some of the products iv reviewed 

Kind Regards 
Makeup Junkie 

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