14 Jan 2015

...Custom Tan Collaboration...

Welcome Ladies to another amazing review on Custom tan Tanning Product the prefect way to customize your own perfect colour for your skin, these product is instant tanning giving you a sunless tan with out being out in the sun burning your skin. The perfect way to get amazing glowing skin

 now ladies if you having trouble finding the best brand to use that doesn't leave your skin looking sticky or blotchy gives you a really orange tan and doesn't apply very will to the skin and doesn't last any more then a week.. Will you haven't used Custom Tan This product is amazing so please keep reading below for my review.. 

I was Contacted by custom Tan to do a review on they self tanning bronzer, 

- Custom Tan Self Tanning Mousse $32.95  

These product is amazing product it comes in 200ml bottom that containing 100% organic product, 
With summer coming up lets get a body ready with sun glow tan.These product is 
 NOT orange also doesn't clog pores or break me just gives your skin a hint of shimmer for that prefect glow after applying it looks very natural. 

Custom Tan Tanning Mitt $12.95
The Mitt is very nice soft form top with witch you use to apply the tanning mousse using the tanning mitt helps helped me blend the tan on, so no streaky marks it just buffs it out to give flawlessly finish to that amazing tan. 
Before i applied the tan after washing my skin with oil soap free wash with a wash glove to help remove all the old skin before applying the tan on my skin. this photo is with out me applying the tan with flash on and without flash on.. 
These photo is after applying tan 3 hours later before having a shower washing off the old product lift in the skin didn't feel sticky after leaving the it on for a few hours it darken up very nicely and didn't leave patchy marks after applying it.. 
This photo is before  and after applying these tan after having the tan on over night and  its looking amazing and fresh natural glowing tan 

Hope you enjoyed my blog loves!!
Lots of love

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