31 Dec 2014

Rimmel Provocalips Review

Rimmel Provocalips Review 
16 hours of kiss proof lip colour

Yet another Wonderful thank you to Rimmel London @Coty for supplying me with amazing products to review on my blog of Rimmel Provovalips.  
I'll be giving a full and honest review on all five of these products attaching swatches of all lip products. ❤  
 I have received and reviewed the other for lips products ill attach a link below

These are some of the most amazing colours and shades i have ever seen in a Rimmel Collection all Five products are very bright and have an amazing pigmentation and glide amazing on the lips after applying the colour you are left with soft creamy matte and hydrating finishes then applying then step 2 gives your lips glossy shine and helping the colour last hours and hours.  Before you apply step 2 step 1 has dyed completely giving you a matte finishes so when applying step 2 your left with this amazing shade that last 16 hours with having to apply more only a top coat to give it that shine. 

  the colours are so bright and full of pigmentation definitely wearable for 16 hours  
I can say swathing the colours on my arm they do live the skin stained from the colour if lift on so they will leave your lips a different after removing the colours but im ok with that known you don't have to reply it over and over few times a day, 

The packaging is very cute love the its a two ending lip products and all shades have there own clear gloss so that you are not using the same gloss for every shad and mixing the colours together and its easy to take where ever you go cause its small and fits in most style of handbags. I'm loving the different shad pink lips on the step 2 end makes it look very different from other lip products i found that the shades colour packaging on step 1 are very similar as the colour inside the tube. 

230 Kiss Fatal

550 Play With Fire

310 Little Minx 

200 I'll Call You 

700 Skinny Dipping 

I'm loving all the shades from the new Rimmel Provocalips 
all these shades are retail @ $13.95 at all retail stores across Australia and other country I recommend going and purchasing some of these amazing products and also some of Rimmel other products they have available 

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