31 Dec 2014

Ebay 28 blush palette

Ebay 28 Colour Blush Palette

Hi Ladies will these just happen Monday i received post from the Australia post man the most beautiful palette i have even seen. I purchases these palette of eBay about week 1/3  for $8.55 on sale last one in stock. I know alot of people say that you should buy anything of eBay cause it all rubbish and that its all fake and it can be harmful to the person using it cause they are mad up of bad ingredients.  
I have used a concealer palette from eBay and never had a problem i use the palette so many time i can say that there is nothing wrong with buying a product of eBay if you heard great reviews from others. 

I found these palette after searching for a small blush palette and then coming across these that more shades and a cheaper price and free shipping so i thought i couldn't go wrong  with trying it out and seeing how the palette is when it arrives,

When the 28 colour blush palette arrived i was blown away how beautiful it looks and how amazing the colours looked in real life. the pictures on the eBay store looked amazing but seeing it in front of you they look stunning and bright and you wouldn't even  think that they where purchases from china. 
I'm loving the black its very clean packaging, the blushes are housed in a black round plastic case which I think it's fairly good and very sturdy case and it come packed very will in a few lays of bubble wrap that keep it safe on the trip over here. The black case is very will made also. 

 The colour range from a champagne highlight, to a baby pink, to a tangerine orange and finishes from matte to shimmery. The blushes are highly pigmented, and the texture is soft and blendable perfect with any look. All the shades are very soft and have an amazing texture they don't feel dry or powdery on your face so it brushes very will over the top of your foundation and setting powered. 
I'm amazed how many different shades there is to pick from and there is at-less 20 amazing pick shades and 8 different coral shades and highlighters these is my new go to blush palette it has every shade you could need right at your finger tips 

Hope you enjoyed my blog!!

Lots of love 

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