31 Dec 2014


Lorac Pro Palette Review 

16 Eye Shadows
Mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer

Hello ladies welcome yet an other eye shadow review, I had my eye on a lorac pro palette for ages now so 
i decided i should purchase one but i haven't been able to purchase the real lorac pro palette so i came across a exact fake of the original palette that is made little different and better quality. 
The original palette cost over $50 in Australia so its very highly priced for a single palette and also comes with a mini eye shadow primer witch is also great value. The Palette i purchase was  $10 from its pretty exact from the real one i know people say not to buy fake Chinese makeup products cause they can be harmful and can effect your eyes and face, but i purchase other products from eBay or other Chinese website and i have never had a problem so i decides to buy anyway, 

My aliexpress lorac palette order come with 16 eye shadow palette and mini behind the scenes eye shadow primer  prefect for helping the eyeshadow stick onto the eyelid and help it last longer through out the day. the primer is a quite amazing it glides in the eyes very will and doesn't leave the lids feeling sticky or dry the packaging is very clean and will packed its comes with a seal on top of primer when lip is removed witch is great. 

The palette is amazing very put together and clean looks exactly the same as the real palette just feels little different to the real one.front has is the same as the real one just little different in colour more grey then black with silver bold writing same as real one. whole case is very clean and straight and very will made 

All the shades are very soft and matte, there are 16 shades in the palette that are very true to colour/shade from the real palette and shades are have and amazing pigmentation and are very workable on the eye and alot of shades work very will together and work great with heaps of other shades from different palettes im in love with all the shades from top row REALLY i love all shades but i really love espresso its an amazing shade for the crease and using nude for highlight under the brow bone giving you an amazing glow.. 

Hope you enjoyed my blog!!
Lots of love 

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