12 Nov 2014

Rimmel London

Provocalips & wonder'full mascara
Review and swatches 

Wonderful thank you to Rimmel London for supplying me with amazing products to review.  I'll be giving a full and honest review on all four of these products attaching swatches of all lip products. 

Wonder'full Mascara

The brand new Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara with Argan Oil, The mascara 
 look at how non-goppy when pulling out the wound its 
so the product build up and the wound comes pretty much clean with no sticky or clumpy blobs of mascara. 

I think the packaging is very beautiful and the gold copper packaging give it more a like of argon oil look giving the mirror effect on the whole mascara. It also look very simple but classy, 

The Actual Mascara Wound has some very small points on the end then tappers in bigger points that are a different lengths with give the lashes more thickness and length also gives you a fuller thicker dramatic lashes.
Argan Oil helps leave the lashes feeling conditioning and healthy and making them  non-clumpy, 
The Wound Ultra- Flexible and bristles coat each individual lash with out leaving them thick and clumpy, 

Retail Price $17.95 

Rimmel Provocalips
16 HR Kiss Proof Colour Lips

I have 3 beautiful Rimmel Provocalips
The texture is very smooth, it doesn't look crusty even on dry lips.
It is a two step product which is made up of a matte liquid lipstick on one end 
and a colourless balm/gloss on the other.
Both applicators are doe foot sponge applicators and they're not overly fluffy or hard to use.
There is 2 steps to apply these lip products 

STEP 1: Apply colour and keep lips apart for 60 seconds until the product sets.
STEP 2: Apply topcoat to lock the colour, moisture and add shine.

Step 1.The pink shade is very soft and creamy on the lips and and  once it drys on the lips after 60 sec its very matte and bright.
I found wearing the its for 8 hours it still was still on very bright and still looked amazing. 

It definitely think it would last 16HR its amazing it lasted 8hours no wear. Its very Lightweight & flexible coverage that leave your lips Smooth & moisturized all day round even after Kissing, Eating Food or maybe drinking. 

Step the clear end witch helps give the the colour more shine and makes the colour last longer.

Retail Price $12.00 

1. Dare to Pink 110
2. Kiss Me You Fool 300
3. Make your Move 730

There is 8 different Sahdes 

110 Dare to Pink

200 I’ll Call You

310 Little Minx
500 Kiss Me You Fool
550 Play with Fire
230 Kiss Fatal
730 Make You Move
700 Skinny Dipping

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