5 Nov 2014

Ebay 15 shade Concealer Palette

Found this lovely 15 shade concealer palette with 3 contouring shades, 1 highlight and 11 different shades of concealer. Its hard to find an affordable concealer palette that does cost a lot of money.

This palette is a identical to the concealer palette from Coastal Scents that's has same amount of shades and highlights . A normal price of a "coastal Scents Palette" $15.00 Aus dollar 

The 15 Shade Ebay Palette is Only $6.00 Aus Dollar with free Postage the delivery only takes about 3 weeks to be delivered with is pretty good for the price that you are paying for the product. 

The Packaging for the Palette is a hard black case with a flip lid and clear plastic cover over the shades, the Palette is not to large perfect to fit into a "Makeup case or Hand Bag"  You could use most of these colours for a number of different styles and designs of makeup. 

All Shades have Great pigmentation and great coverage when using them for a highlighter or a contouring

Swatches of Shads 

All Shades are very creamy and thick some have a very good colour pay off and Pigmentation not all the colours will show of there colours
 I found the darker colours are more brighter then the lighter colours. The lighter colors need to be applied a little more for the colour payoff to be noticeable on the skin all skin tips will be different and may only need to be applied lightly t the skin.

The 2 Colour corrector and very thick and go on the skin very thick and and are easy to blend out with a brush or a beauty blender, i find if apply the corrector under the foundation its does make it easier to blend in to the skin.

The 3 darker shades are very dark and work very will as a contouring shad and gives and very dark line and its very easier to blend in it looks very natural and can be applied as dark as needed and to match the skin tone colour. 

The 11 other colour shades are all very pigmented and are great as used for s cover up on the skin such as red spots, dark under eyes, scars on the face and uneven skin tones. 
Every woman's face is different and so are there skin tones.

  I would reckoned this palette if just interested experimenting with different colours and shads and not paying a crazy amount of money or if your only just starting out with make up.

Feel free to message if have any questions 


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