26 Nov 2014

Boe Beauty review

Received a small beautiful little black box with 8 lovely boe professional lipsticks. 

Boe professional were looking for 5 Aussie girls to review the new boe professional lipsticks Available in there New Lipsticks collection witch can be purchase at any local big W store. 

Boe professional also have a wife range of differnt products available in there new rang. 


Flash on 

Flash off 

All the lipsticks are 3.5g in weight. All packaging are very clean and stylish they all very creamy and pigmented leave your lips feeling very soft not leaving your lips dry and raff.  

The diamond finished shades are very soft and have a slight shimmy with a light gold fleck definitely have a diamond finish to the lips. 

Velvet soft colour matte

3D Clisten Sparkle (Diamond Finish)

Water Gloss Dewy Shine (Super Shine)
# Toffee 
# Athenia 

Vibrant lastting Classic Colour (Colour Last)
# Scarlette 
# Aphrodite

The matte shades are very soft and creamy have very beautiful bright pigmentation last about 3 hours on the lips with out having a to re apply heaps of product on your lips The colour looks bright after a few hours 

The new 3D Diamond Finish  lipstick comes in 6 different shades I have "PRINCESS & VENUS" are very pigments that catch the light and show a very sparkly diamond finishes that leave your lips feeling soft and moisturized , Both shades very bright and lave a lovely glow on the lips and would match a very soft smoky  eye with beautiful glowing cheeks  

The Velvet Soft Matte lipsticks are very Highly pigmented in colour leaving your lips feeling velvet soft and conditioned and moisturized giving your lips a very matte finish lasting hours and still looking beautiful like you only just applied it! The Matte shade comes in 6 amazing shades "PREMIERE & CAPRI" 
both are stunning clothes witch will match perfect with gold simmer eyes and a bronzed contouring  cheeks soft pink blush 

The stunning beautiful  COLOUR LAST LIPSTICK  is very highly pigmented  in colour glades on the lips very smooth and rich giving you very bright look that goes perfect with any eye look and baby pink cheeks it very moisturizing on the lips  last hours with out having reply product through out the day giving you a long wearing shade. I have SCARLETTE & APHRODITE witch to very stunning shades one is a very soft rose like baby pink  and  other is very bright red with a hint of pink both shades are very shimmery. 

The Beautiful WATER GLOSS DEWY SHINE has soft matte like look witch gives your lips a
very beautiful shine to your lips allowing you to drink and not smudge you lipstick. Gives you
soft smoothing lips keeping then looking shinny and bright through out you wearing it. These
comes in 6 amazing shades to pick from. I Have Toffee & Empress these are 2 amazing
highly pigmented shades witch would go prefect with beautiful bright eyes and soft peach

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