24 Apr 2015

The Heat Group Review

The Heat Group Review 
Essence - Ulta3

Welcome ladies, Would love to thank the lovely ladies from TheHeatGroup for sending me this amazing little package the other day for me to review some of the new Essence and Ulta3 products. Wow very happy with all the stunning products they sent me they sent a wide rang of products NAIL POLISH. LIPSTICK, LIP-GLOSS, BLUSH, EYELINER, EYE-SHADOW and MASCARA.

Little bit about the heat group they are Australia’s largest Australian owned cosmetics company  Heat also the  owns of cosmetic and personal care brands ulta3, MUD, billy goat soap, essence plus some many more.. 


Heat group also have there own online store you can buy some of there amazing cosmetics and personal care products on the site, witch is a perfect why to able to find where you can buy them without having to search around for the one you need. 

Heat Shop: Here

Essence Long lasting Lipsticks 
03 Come Naturally | 01 Wearing only a smile 

I Absolutely love essence Lipsticks they are so creamy and very moisturizing. Its very long lasting keeps your lips looking beautiful all day without having to reply it over and over just maybe a little touch here and there. Love the 2 shades i feel in-love with them and i can definitely say there worth all the hip. 

Now lest just take about the packing it so cute and simple but looks so inviting and has a very nice matte texture so making it easy to hole is a lot better then some other brands.

1st shade - 01 Only wearing a smile 
what a stunning light soft baby pink is so nude and would look great a few different skin tones. Apply's quite matte in the lips so it might not work for all skin tones. This shade would look great a bold dark/bright eye look. 

Price: $4.70 AUD 

2nd shade - 03 Come Naturally 
Now who loves a nude/neutral colour will this is the shade for you its rich and creamy dark brown that looks very matte on the lips. can definitely be worn under a lip gloss. Its such a neutral shade that would look amazing with nude smoky eye. 

Essence Nail Polish 

Lets just say if you love nail polish then these are the perfect shades you need in you life. I'm glad im getting the change to try the three different styles of polishes available thru essence cosmetics they have stunning range shades to pick from 2 of this new styles of polishes. 

Love when essence bring a new range of polishes that are very affordable and available to pick up on line or your local Priceline can def say that im glad im getting the change to try these and so far im loving them all very much ill be happy to try some of the other shades they have available soon. 

1st shade - The Gel Nail Polish - 11 4 ever Young 
2nd polish - The gel Nail Polish - Base Coat 
3rd polish - The Gel Nail Polish - Top Coat 
4th polish - I Love Trends Polish - 05 Pure Sole 
5th shade - The Gel Nail Polish - 04 our sweetest day  

Its great how you can apply a base coat of the GEL NAIL POLISH and then apply the shade for your choice knowing your applying a top coat you done have to worry about you nails chipping and you don't have to use a UV LAMP to set the gel overlay to your nails. 

  Essence XXXL nude Lip gloss
01 Shy Beauty | 03 Taste the sweets 

These are some lip glosses have been waiting for they are just stunning and they feel amazing on the lips that really look amazing on there in own or with the new LONG LASTING LIPS STICKS even over some other favorite shades. 

Price: $4.70 AUD 

Unlike the lipsticks these are both pale shades and look great even on there own and are very shinny so applying feels amazing without having that sticky feeling when you apply a gloss these feel very soft and gives you a little tingle so plumping you lips it also does. 

Both lip gloss comes with dope applicator so applying is very easy and not messy and the packing is so clean and slick. I'm just loving both of these shades they are just beautiful there def going to a go to for me. 

1st Shade - 01 Shy beauty -  Soft baby pink that is very that is very creamy.
2nd shade - 03 taste the sweets - more of a dusty rose that has a little glitter fleck. 

Essence Blush & Eyeshadow 
90 Summer dreaming | 15 Hazel me Not!

Lets begin with how amazing the packaging looks on both of these stunning products. Love both these products they both have a beautiful pattern in the products so gives these even prettier look. 
90 summer dreaming 

This blush is beautiful blush in peach looks stunning on apple of the cheeks its not a very dark blush so perfect for every day looks. This Blush is easy to apply and blend i think it would good quite nice on alot of skin tones depending how much you apply to your skin. 

ladies its def worth the look if your interested in soft creamy blush it  also comes in wide range of shades so you can pick the perfect shade for you.


15 Hazel me not!

Love a nude shade for my eyes is a matte finish and medium is pigmented witch goes great on the as a base or transition shade for you eye look. 

we all love nude shades so we all can never have enough of the so that me and this shade. Love the packaging its very small and compact so fits perfect in any makeup collection, Its very easy to apply blends will to its makes for a perfect shade to build up to the perfect colour for you. 


Easy to use Eyeliner Pen | Lash Princess mascara 
Metallic cream Eyeliners - silver | black  

Lash Princes Mascara

Lets just say i love this mascara it very black and applies amazing on the lashes not leaving them all clumpy and stuck together. If your looking for a mascara that is very pigmented gives you this stunning finishes i can say this is the one.

It def is easier to apply with the wond shape really helps coat all those lashes very will and leaving them not feeling heavy and thick. 


Ulta3 metallic cream eyeliner

Black shade-  Very creamy and pigmented applies amazing on the lid makes it very easy to apply with point on the top of the pencil, it makes for very nice cream base under a base colour. 

Silver Shade-  there both very much the same just different shades.They come in 4 shades Very creamy and pigmented applies amazing on the lid makes it very easy to apply with point on the top of the pencil, it makes for very nice cream base under a base colour.

                                              Easy to use Eyeliner Pen

Iv really fallen in love with this eyeliner its so amazing eyeliner and im not sure why it is applying amazing on my lid cause i always have alot trouble applying liner on the top of my lid. 

This pencil is so great to handle and apply it just makes life do much better with the fine tip end it really give you a fine line easy to make a stunning cat eye look with having to try so much. Glides on very creamy has great pigmentation and last for ages with out it rub off through out the day. 


Ulta3 | Liquid Matte Lip Colours 
08 Radiant 

These product delivers intense colour when applies to the lips and gives you these perfect creamy matte finishes.  definitely love the texture of the product it is unlike anything i have felt before it has quite a silky texture to it that feels amazing. 

It makes for very easy application when it has a wond so its not very messy. The packaging is so cute and compact that helps having in your bag. I Love doe-foot applicator wand it makes it very easier to reply when needed with being messy. 

Price: @Any chemist  

Available: $5.95 each

Thanks lovely  
Makeupjunkie xxx

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