14 Apr 2015

Mellow Cosmetics Review

 Mellow Cosmetics Review 

Welcome yet again ladies to other one of my reviews iv been giving the Chance review some beautiful products from MELLOW COSMETICS what can i say what amazing products. There definitely worth trying and having the same amazing experiences i had using this stunning products. I was very excited when i was told that would love to send me products to review. 

They have wide range of products to pick from that are very affordable and really amazing quality. They sell from Eyes, Lips, Face with a wise range of BLUSHES, EYE-SHADOWS, LIP STICKS, EYELINER AND MORE..... All Mellow Cosmetics Products are designed and tested in New Zealands and are cruelty free so that is definitely a bonus when looking for that perfect product. 

All products are available on there on line store: Here 

Creamy Matte Lipstick

If you love a Creamy Matte Lipsticks then these are the lipsticks for you! All i can say is WOW what a beautiful products that are so rich and creamy that apply beautiful on the lips with leaving them dry. They both just amazing products  every makeup junkie needs in there life. 

They stock 8 amazing shades that are just as beautiful as each other that are very affordable and worth the money.All lip sticks leaving a velvety smooth with a highly moisturised finish.  

The 2 shades i have a so beautiful that i have worn them a new times since receiving they products. I found that both lipsticks are very highly pigmented and enriched and has been formulated for long-wearing that last many hours with out having to reply the product every hour. There is get 4.2g of product that pretty good for that amazing price.

Here find more information all there lips and shade Here

First shade: Blossom
Second Shade: Candy Floss 

Price: $15.00 each 

The Second product they sent me was an amazing 

Blush - Pink

All i can say is beautiful!! What a stunning blush I'm a lover for blushes so finding a blush that is this pigmented is just a win for me. Its such a beautiful shade that i think think that every beauty lover needs it in there life. They have 3 shades available on there website that are all just as beautiful as each other so ladies go check them out... You get 5.0g of stunning product 

The Shade that Mellow Cosmetics sent me is just stunning it have this amazing sheer glow that would love amazing on any skin tone. Its very build able so applying a little bit at a time is perfect for the ladies that love a darker blush or the ladies who like a soft glow. 

I found when applying the brush in the blush it wasn't very powdery so it mad it alot easier to apply giving you a even pigmented amount. I found that shade comes of to be a soft pink/coral but when applied alot it can be quite bright and beautiful. 

Available: Here

Price: $11.00 each 

Auto Twist Eyeliner


Everyone needs a dark black eyeliner in there life. Here is the perfect dark black eyeliner that is easy to use and apply without having to push so down and drag on your eye to get a darker shade when this is so dark. 
This Auto twist liner is great you don't have to sharpen you liner and you can use the amount of product you need. 

This beautiful eyeliner is very rich and creamy and doesn't look dry when applying to the top lid or water line the 100% mineral based help it to not dry and apply gentle on the eye and also giving an amazing look with out hurting them.

It also make is it very each to make different cat eye looks or makes every very easy to have a thin but very sharp line that makes every look stand out. They have 2 shades available on line now so go check it out its worth the buy.. 

Available: Here

Price: $8.00 each 

The fourth product are stunning 

Baked Eyeshadow

 Now lets talk about these just amazing stunning Baked eye shadows that are just what every beauty lover needs.

I was very lucky that Mellow Cosmetics sent me these Baked Eye shadows cause I'm total in love with them and that i am glad that i have them in my life.

Let me start by staying the pigmentation on these shadows are crazy and bright and they are so available 12 great shades that are all just as beautiful as each other.  

All 3 shades are very long lasting  and i can definitely say you will get alot of use out if these shades. I love how Highly-Pigmented and silky smooth and creamy these shades apply to your eye lid. They all have such a amazing shimmer that is really lovely when using a baked shadow You tell how amazing they will look on any skin tone cause if the beautiful light reflecting pigments. 

First Shade: Metallica 
Second Shade: Jade
Third Shade: Coco

I'm glad that Mellow sent me 3 shades that are going to get alot of use of now we are coming into winder having the warmer tones are always a must. 

Available: Here

Price: $9.50 each  


Thanks lovely  
Makeupjunkie xxx

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