5 Feb 2015

Sugar Baby makeup review

Hi ladies welcome to my latest blog. Sorry it's a little late Iv had a lot of trouble with my blog uploading photoes and writing but all sorted now so let's get starting. ....and then these just happen I received these amazing products that got send to me from

thank you so much for sending these amazing beautiful products to review so Iv had the products over a week now and there amazing. The products I received come in the most amazing box with ribbon and pink paper . 

I received four products that I was interested in trying that they had asking me to pick for myself going picked these products listed below.. 




Sweet Cheeks Blusher - Peach

Wow what an amazing product the blusher in the shape of a pink heart how stunning is that, Blush is such a gorgeous mix of pink, coral, and highlighter! It has a bit of shimmer pay off works beautiful many skin tones and all shades are very  pigmented If you like a shimmer, peachy, pink blush, than you will completely fall in love with this its just looks so amazing on skin, I would highly reckoned these product to anyone in love with an amazing blush. All shades are amazing and would work great as a highlight shade for many skin tones it goes on Silky smooth on your skin giving you that amazing glow, Iv been using it for 2 weeks now and every day i use it i fall in love all over again, Its just stunning blush duo...
It retails for  $ 14.95 its available online at Sugar Baby website ill link here: sweetcheeks blusher
Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆


Omg yet again sugar baby has an amazing product and its there Sweet-as-Summer flavored Sorbet Lip Balm, in flavor Cotton Candy, Will what a stunning product its very hydrating on the lips with a hint if of cotton candy that can i just say smells amazing you could eat it. These product is enriched with Vitamin E to help prevent dryness and heal cracking and keeping feel and smell amazing. I would reckon these product to everyone looking for a soft  amazing lip that keeps your lips feeling amazing, It retails for $ 8.95 on there website linked here: Lip Lover lip Balm 
Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆


 Ladies are you looking for a sun kiss bronze  that amazing glow and look like you have been out in the sun but you really haven't  then go try this bronzer, This is suitable for all skin tones very buildable bronzer can be used wet and dry. Very pigmented and has a beautiful glow on you skin, It comes with blush brush pink gold handle, it retails for $19.95 on there website linked here: Sun Baked Bronzer

Star Rating: 


Ladies If you love nude eyeshadow palettes then this is the palette for has 14 amazing shades, The palette is so cute and has these some 70s rocker feller  beach prints give it that real classy look to the packaging its a very will made palette also comes with  gold 2 ended makeup brush that makes it very easy to blend the nude shades with the shimmer shades to get an amazing look. 

The 14 must-have neutral shades. are formula ranging from soft nudes to intense blacks in long wearing  with a hint of shimmer smooth mattes to created those perfect looks, these palette is great for going away cause u have some many different shades in one palette for any look.. I can definitely say that i would reckon these palette to anyone wanting to an affordable nude palette  

Here is an over view of the top shimmer shades 
There is 7 bright pigmented shades they have slight shimmer to them  work amazing blending them with the nude shades you receive in the palette, comes with gold, copper, soft browns and black Shades they have a very creamy soft finishes.  

These shades are just beautiful, Here is a over view off the 7 bottom matte shades that are stunning they are very creamy and soft that last for hours without sliding or creasing on the  eye lid throughout the day , all shades are perfect for any nude eye look cause it has many arrange of shades available in these palette,  

I could see myself buying other one if these palettes and i highly reckon it to everyone. The palette is retailed  for $19.95 in there website link here: 14 Shade Eye Palette
Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Thanks lovely 
Makeupjunkie xxx 

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