5 Feb 2015

Australis cosmetics product | review

Hi ladies welcome to my latest blog. Sorry it's a little late Iv had a lot of trouble with my blog uploading photos and writing but all sorted now so let's get starting and then these just happen I received these amazing products that got send to me from 

First off can i just say how amazing these products im so excited to get the change to review these products on behalf of australis cosmetics thank you so much for sending these amazing products .. 

I have 5 amazing products that are very affordable at your local priceline or other beauty retailers suppliers  in your local area or online on there website linked here:
 Australis Cosmetics

Top Shade: Pash me Pink

Come in a small squeezable plastic tube but with a little doe foot/wand applicator, which makes it easy to apply without making too much of a mess. They have a lovely but gentle fruity scent. Available Link Here: Pout Paste

Retail for: $12.95
Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Bottom Shade: Mil-A-No 
Bottom Shade:  Mil-a-No
These gloss applies creamy, lasts all day and finishes with a soft matte
Highly pigmented and intense, full coverage colour payoff. Perfect for when you want a long lasting shade. Available Link here: Velourlips Matte Cream 
Retail for: $9.95 

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Tint My Brow

Wow what an amazing product, I was given the change to review the australis Tint My Brow gel and im loving it i have the shade blonde it is a little dark for my skin colour but i find using a brow brush instead if the wound with it you can apply a smaller amount and be in more control of the product how much you apply on you eyebrow, Its Definitely amazing product i would purchases it again. 

I must say its an It’s a lightweight formula that doesn't look overdone when applied leaves you brows firm and  stops them from moving around and keeps them in place all day i does come with an easy brush applicator making it easy to apply. 

The product is very pigmented and very creaming and drys quite matte and hard perfect to keep the brows in place, it comes in 3 different shades BLONDE, LIGHT BROWN, DARK BROWN all shades are very beautiful and  light weight. But i Definitely swatch to make sure the shade is a perfect but near clothes match to your skin tone.
Retails for: 9.95 
Available Link Here: Tint My Brow

Star Rating      

GO Camo Concealer | Mix It Foundation

Go Camo Concealer: 
Now these is Definitely an amazing full coverage concealer that is waterproof with a matte finish that really helps cover up all those face demons and gives you face these amazing glow after applying foundations or maybe a CC or BB cream. 

I think it looks amazing under a foundations just putting a little bit on those unwanted spots. Definitely think its not very good under eye concealer cause its a very thick liquid and drys very quick and i found i didn't have another time to blend it in. 

The concealer comes in 3 different shades Light, Medium and Dark so  it would go few different skin tones so i would swatch it to and get the perfect shade for you. I picked light and its a litter light for my face but its perfect under lighter foundation and a darker powered over top. 
Retails for: $11.95 
Available Link: Go Camo Concealer

Start Rating    ☆ 

Mix It Foundation:
I must Say its a very light converge foundations that is a water based formula that apples quite fair on the skin. It has Colour corrective pigments Yellow helps to conceal dark circles, Purple helps dullness for a more radiant appearance and Green helps even out redness on the skin for a more even skin complexion. 

I can Definitely i some what does what it say on the front of the product but me myself it doesn't really help with my dark circles or even out my skin tones but does help my face look more natural and and give more glowing skin witch may sound weird. It is a great products and it might work better on different skin tones not so much mine.

The Mix it Foundations comes in 6 different shades so there is a wide range of shades available they have Nude, Beige, Natural Beige, natural Fawn, Natural tan, Golden tan. So there is Definitely a shade out there for everyone.  
Retails for $15.95 
Available Link: Mix It Foundation

Start Rating    

Thanks lovely 
Makeupjunkie xxx 

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