19 Apr 2016

VR makeup palettes

VR Makeup Review 

I really enjoy trying new makeup products I use a lot different products that are affordable for everyone to try. I've never used their products but im very excited to give you my review these pallets I saw them on Instagram and decides to do a review on there Nude Eyeshadow & Contour Kit Pallets and share my experience using these palette

I'm loving the design of the black paletts its very clean and very stylish with the black case and the white writing. Both of these palettes are very affordable for pretty much every beauty makeup lover that loves contour  and nude palette they both retail for under $20 each witch is very reasonable for both products. 

Just look how at hoe lovely both these paletts are!! I can definitely say both are just a pigmented as each other and can created some amazing looks with them at a great price.
Iv been using these paletts for about a week now and i love them... as you can tell by the pictures ill attach below all shades are very beautiful and creamy 

Contour Palette 

The first two shades are you lighter shades that very creamy with some great pigmentation that apply very lovely under the eye to help cover some those black under eye circles or blemish. I found apply a light coverage of the 1st shade that is similar to a banana shade in the Australis contour palette that has similar shades. These three shades are very cool skin tone shades 

The three bottom shades are perfect to use as a contour shade on the cheek bones, hair line & the bride of your nose to help define the shape of  your face helping give a defined shape to any face shape. 
Iv also used the 3rd shade on my eyelid for a light smokie look in my cress. These are also very similar to the Australis contour palette.

I can say im very happy with these contour kit and im living how creamy and light this palette feels on skin with out leaving your skin feel very heavy and getting into your pores and making them stand out heaps. If your a person that doesn't like a very bright highlighter the second shade the Highlighter is prefect used a highlighter just giving your a soft look and can be applied a little heavy and it still looks beautiful. 

Contour Kit shades Includes 
Skin Tone/Blend
Light Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brown

Price:: $14.95 

Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Who loves a nude eye-shadow palettr I DO and happy to announce that these is a stunning nude palette that everyone should try  it you well be very happy with the these palette, All shades are very creamy and pigmented and just as beautiful as there contour kit  above iv tried this product a few times since i received it and say I LOVE IT and recommend it to very beauty makeup lover 

its a very affordable palette that be purchased off   VR Makeup website linked below.. 

All 6 shades are very lovely and creamy and blend very well with a blend brushes theses colors can created some many different looks and styles for and out fit you wear cause these shades all work really well together complement each other and very similar to many nude palette that are on the market but all have there own shimmer and matte look. 

The first 4 nude shades are soft matte shade and goes perfect on the lid as a bass colour or a highlighter 
shade for the top of the brow bone for a soft light colour. The next 5 colours are very dark with 4 darker browns with a hit of shimmer and 1 black and silver purple shade.

Priced $11.95

Thanks Lovely 
Makeup Junkie 

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