10 Jun 2014

Make up Organization 

 A very much needed clean up of all my makeup
This is probably month of mess on my makeup desk when you have busy days and dnt have time to put it away after doing your makeup.

So i decided it was time for some new storage organization idea's  so i went to my local officeworks and picked up a 4 draw filling system
I paid $16.96 Aust dollar 
I has 3 smaller draws & 
1 bottom big draw perfect for all your makeup needs and more 

I needed some think that i could accesses easier with pulling everything out and keeping my most used products at the front for easier use

Ill link the officeworks site below

or you could visit your local officeworks shop 


After Organization

I'm very happy with how it all turned out like and how its setup now i can access all my makeup with out pulling it all apart

I don't have a massive amount of makeup but i do fear bit for an average makeup collections. 

Iv been collecting may little makeup collection for 3 years and has grown of he the past 12 months 

I have a lot of drug store products dnt really have high end products in my small collection all makeup products i purchases with my own money over the past few years. 


Top Draw 1. 

Eyeshadow palettes 

I have most of all my little eye-shadow palette where it is easy to access all products Company and brands such as 

Max Factor 
Wet & wild 
Rimmel London 
Hard Candy 
Boe Beauty 
model Co 
W7 Cosmetics 
Bw Beauty 
and a few no Name brand eyeshadow palette as well 
Have bigger palette below


2nd Draw

Blushes, Highlighters, Bronzes & Liners  

I don't have a big blush collection but would love to collect more blushes they are very pretty colours and great in pigments and textured 

I own one highlighting palette from hard candy amazing colours in the palette with for 4 different shads to use. 

I own 1 bronzer in shade darl from model co amazing big palette and great pigment for shading your face

Also have 3 hot smuged palettes from hard candy amazing colour pay off and great to use and a eyeliner or as a eye shadow and smudge for a smoky eye design  there is 2 colours in each little palette with makes 6 colours in total witch is amazing i had them for little over a year and still hasn't dried out.


3rd draw 

Lip Products 

This is my favorite  Draw of time it has all my favorite 
lip creams, jumbo pencils,lip gloss, matte lip cream & more
I have a lot of pinks and nude lip colours and maybe 1 red colours.

I have a few brands in her such as 
Boe beauty lip creams in 3 different shads 
1 Boe Beauty jumbo lip pencil 
Mac Lip gloss
W7 makeup matte lip gloss  
Face of Australia jumbo pencil 
2 amazing Model Co lip gloss 
Playboy lip gloss (Mint)
4 Hard Candy Lip Gloss amazing products smell amazing yummy
and Some No name band lip pencils 


4th Draw 

large Eyeshadow palettes

Ill uploading more soon <3 

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