13 May 2014

30 Day Body Wrap Challenge

Sparkles30 Day Body Wrap ChallengeSparkles 

Hello Everyone my name is Nikki and i weight 95kg and my waist is 127cm Dated 13-05-1990, Iv been struggling with my weight for the past 3 years and iv tried all different diets nothing has worked for me. Iv been to gyms and tried boot cramps and nothing has worked for me.

 Being over weight has changed my outlook on my life and stopping me from being myself. I also have been struggling with depression so being on medication can change your weight to up and down. 

So iv come across It Works Body Wraps this amazing product helps  by Tightening,Toning and Firming your body. 
Iv found this amazing Independent Distributor on Instagram 
"Irene Silvas" she is sponsoring me on my 30 day body wrap challenge.

Irene Silvas
Instagram:@wrappedbyirene 714-454-9347 

The Website also supplies other products such as Defining Gel & more.

The Items Irene Silvas Sending Me 
1. 1x box of 4 wraps
2. 1x Defining Gel

Things ill be doing on my 30 day challenge 
1.taking a before and after picture of the targeted area to compare my results.
2. taking a hot shower before i apply the wraps to my selected area making sure it clean and your pores are open.
3. Making sure the cleanse the targeted area before applying the Ultimate Body Applicator
4.Open the Ultimate Body Applicator package and carefully unfold the wrap.
5. Place the Ultimate Body Applicator directly on the targeted area you choose.
6. after apply the wrap you leave it on for 45 minutes 

1 Wrap once a week
 And defining gel twice a day
Taking a pic after each wrap
Each week I will be putting 2 pics side by side for a before and after shots with measurement and what i did that week.  
Little info about what the items im receiving do 
Q: How does it tighten your skin?
A: The Wrap (or the Ultimate Body Applicator) is a non-woven cloth wrap that is infused w/a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, & firming results in as little as 45 minutes! It continuously hydrates for firmer, smoother, more youthful looking skin & reduces the appearance of cellulite & skin slackening. 

Q: What's in the gel that help tighten firm and tone my waist?
A: you can find a list of ingredients on the website. This is similar to the wrap just less strong.
Q:Is the greens and fat fighter tablets?
A: the Greens is a powder. You add 2 scoops to 8 ounces of water & drink it. The Thermofit & Fat Fighters are pills.

Q: What kind of foods should I eat and not eat?
A: you just need to eat healthy and drinks lots of water.

I'll be blogging My diet & exercise routine along with your wrap routine
Where ill be measuring on my waist

 Side Waist Phot
Measurement 127cm 
Front Waist Shot  
Measured 127 cm
More to be updated very Soon 
Thanks Nikki 

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